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Addis Ababa patients have a few different terrific options to treat gum recession depending on the severity and cause of their particular condition.  

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gum and the bones around your teeth, causing bleeding, pain, sensitivity, gum recession or swelling and ultimately bone destruction and tooth loss! Additionally, periodontal disease can increase a Addis Ababa patient’s risk of stroke, heart attack, Alzheimers, pneumonia, diabetes, pregnancy complications and many other health conditions.  Any degree of periodontal disease requires specialized treatment by periodontal experts like Dr. Aklilu. He can make your mouth healthier, help preserve your teeth and smile for years to come, and improve your overall health!

  • Deep cleaning– For our patients who are able to catch their gum recession early, they can treat it with a very deep cleaning of their gums. This treatment is sometimes called root planing or tooth scaling. The goal is to pull back the gums and expose the roots to smooth them out and make it difficult for bacteria to stick.
  • Pocket reduction – The “pocket” in your gums refers to the space between the gums and the tooth. When bacteria gets trapped in the pocket, it will usually start an infection or inflammation. With the pocket reduction treatment, Dr. Aklilu removes the infection and then carefully reattaches the gums to the tooth.
  • Regenerate gum tissue – Another option is to attempt to regenerate the lost gum tissue. In this option, Dr. Aklilu will again lift the gums and then apply a regenerative material to help regrow the bone and soft tissue that is lost.
  • Graft – One of the most common options is to use a soft tissue graft to regrow the gums. The donor site is often the roof of the mouth. The tissue graft is then sutured to the gums.

Dr. Aklilu’s treatment recommendations are always customized with your best interest and health in mind.  So call today for YOUR customized plan!

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